700 sharks into the dark


The City of the Ocean is offering a highly immersive experience : submerge the visitor for 12 minutes, at 360° at the heart of the Polynesian reserve of Fakarava and a pack of 700 sharks !


In Polynesia, a pack of 700 grey sharks makes the law in the southern pass of the Fakarava atoll. It is the largest group of sharks known to date.


This virtual reality documentary follows the expedition led by underwater biologist and photographer Laurent Ballesta. A study of unprecedented scale that helps to understand the hunting techniques of one of the largest marine predators. To succeed in this scientific, technological and human challenge, the team has been preparing to dive since 2014… in the heart of the pack. A world first.


The visitor discovers a unique experience by becoming a member of this incredible expedition. He shares the stress, the excitement, the doubts, the laughter and the fears of the crew, and dives in the night, in the middle of an impressive food frenzy of hundreds of sharks.


The documentary was directed by Manuel Lefèvre and co-financed by the City of the Ocean of Biarritz, the Cinquième Rêve, Neotopy, Ushuaia TV and Arte France.


Practical information

Minimum age : 6 years old.