The universes of the City of the Ocean

Take a dive to understand !

Where does the ocean's water come from ? How do waves start ? Did Atlantis really exist ? Would we be here without the ocean ? Is it in danger today ?

At the City of the Ocean, play a role in your discoveries !

Listen, touch, feel and dive into the depths of the ocean through interactive and 360° immersive experiences, playful devices, 3D animations, surf simulators will turn your trip into an exciting odyssey : finding out more about the blue planet.

Environments to better understand the ocean !

Embark on an eventful journey aboard the bathyscaphe in our dynamic 4D cinema, surf the perfect tube, put yourself in the shoes of a surfer and face the mythical waves, tease Archie the giant squid, listen to Christopher Columbus or Gilgamesh's secrets, take a seat aboard Seaborg, dive without getting wet with a virtual reality mask, be amazed by the beauty of the 40 minute film and above all learn about the wealth and the needs of the ocean.