Seaborg, the incredible machine


Ready to look dishevelled ? Will you dare push your limits and challenge to laws of gravity by getting on Seaborg ?


With a virtual reality mask you will go on an immersive journey for 4 minutes at 360° ! Guaranteed sensations !


The attraction, unique in Europe, rotates at 360°. You’ll find yourself upside down in no time at all ! You’ve gone from intense joy to piercing cries ? You must have got onto Seaborg ! Bravo !


Practical information

Minimum height : 142 cm.
Maximum height : 205 cm.
Maximum weight : 110 kg.
Maximum weight for the 4 seats : 400 kg.


Not for pregnant women, people with reduced mobility, people prone to photosensitive epilepsy and people with back problems, neck problems or more generally with a physical problem.