White Ocean, polar station

White Ocean, polar station


In the lab, explore the bases set up on the poles, the animals that live in these extreme environments, great explorers…


Learn how you can draw conclusions about climate changes with coring !


Ice floes, icebergs, ice cap, Arctic, Antarctic, permafrost… these terms will no longer be a secret for you !


A zoo-location console will take you to meet the polar fauna : polar bears, seals, penguins, walruses, terns…
Do polar bears live on the North or South pole ?
Discover the animals which are able to live in these extreme conditions ! Impressive !


Have you heard of polar bases ? Some photos and videos will take you to these scientific bases, located in this white vastness.


Explanatory videos, touch screens, interactive experiences, realistic settings will turn you into an explorer fascinated by this hostile yet thrilling environment !