New diving experience in the bathyscaphe

New diving experience in the bathyscaphe


There is a new version of the 3D animation now showing in the bathyscaphe. Not only that, but this diving experience is twice as long as the last one ! New 3D Pop-out technology has been used for this film that provides the ultimate “I was there” experience !


A submarine setting, comfortable seats, polarized glasses…


Are you ready ? Here we go on a 6’30” descent to the depths of the Gouf de Capbreton submarine chasm. Dive, Dive, Dive !


You will have some astonishing encounters on the trip down. At a depth of 1,000 m you will be staring wide-eyed as a sea-slug with slender, wing-like outgrowths approaches. Continue diving and you will see the ocean’s very own version of Dumbo – an octopus with ears ! Seeing is believing !


A fight between a giant squid and a sperm whale will shake you from your dreamlike voyage. A battle of the titans takes place before your very eyes ! And it’s not over yet… but you will have to come on board to find out more !


When you finally come back up to the surface, smiling from ear to ear, your head will be full of wonderful images. To be enjoyed without moderation !